Rabbet Feathers

PHantasmata Photography

At the moment, my body of fine artwork focuses on the matter of abandoned places and items. I focus on the contrast of showing places and items forgotten by humans, but at the same time being reclaimed by nature. Nature takes these things we've forgotten about and returns them to the Earth, while they become shelter for animals and other species. It also speaks to me in the ways of nothing us humans make ever lasts forever. We forget sometimes that we can never make anything indestructible. Last, I have always wondered why places and items have been abandoned. What happened to them? Why did some one just leave the place, or the items behind?

Oh My Me

A Lexington based indie pop rock band that puts on an energetic show that will keep you out of your seat!

Knot Fire Productions

A Lexington based fire performance troupe being brought to you by Tiffani Roundtree Sean Morrissey, Cooley Everidge, Thaddeus Ireland and Zac Craig.

Driftwood Gypsy 

A sonic adventure rooted deep in the soul of jam funk fusion. Infectious grooves and charged up melodies reinforced by a contagious live performance our fans like to call dabstomp.