Rabbet Feathers

     Rabbet Feathers is the culmination of dozens of years of working in the entertainment industry.   The founding members have logged countless hours organizing events, promoting shows and artists and generally making sure everyone has a damn good time in a safe environment.

     From throwing outrageous monthly birthday parties to booking shows for venues to organizing both for profit and non profit festivals the Rabbet Feathers team understands the ins and outs of securing a venue,  working with lights, sound, security, parking, promotion, vending, booking - you name it, we've got you covered!

our history

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.


We volunteer for ItsNotA Music Festival (promoting suicide prevention) and the Hairwolves  a charity bearding group.

Meet some of the fascinating artists and performers we get to work with!

   When we first started - it was a bedraggled dream of throwing a party that everyone wants to come to - time and time again.  We knew all these really talented people we wanted them to get paid to do what they love -  There is a huge network once we came together - all we needed was a little organization and a whole lot of passion!  


Thanks for all the support that’s made it all possible!





Meet Bitches Love Circles - a hoola hooping troupe that promotes healthy living through hooping and volunteering.

​Artist Profiles